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Now you can be sure your home’s air is clear of allergens like dust, pollen, fungi, smoke and other particles too small to see. It’s easy with York’s HEPA, Electronic and Media Air Cleaners. These cleaners provide stepped-up filtration, more effective than your furnace or air conditioner alone. In fact, these HEPA cleaners and filtration units can remove up to 94 percent of the particles that pass through your home’s system. And since these pollutants can build up as film on walls and furniture or cause allergies, this is performance you’ll feel and see.


MERV 10 Opti-Fiber Media

    • A highly efficient depth loading filter media that captures particulates deep within the layers of media fibers
    • The Opti-Fiber Media delivers a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 10 with low performance pressure drop.
    • The spun bonded fibers are free of any chemical binders and are hydrophobic (do not absorb moisture).
    • With a high initial efficiency, the Opti-Fiber Media resists shredding for reliable and dependable dust-fighting capabilities.
    • Available in 16″ x 25″ or 20″ x 25″ cabinet with a 5″ deep mediacore
    • Aggressive Opti-Fiber Media meets MERV 10 test standard ANSI / ASHRAE 52-2-1999
    • Air cleaners with Opti-Fiber Media efficiently remove airborne microscopic particulates at 61.8 percent minimum average efficiency at 1.0 to 3.0 microns.
    • 5-year cabinet warranty

MERV 11 Whole Home Media Air Cleaner

    • Eliminates up to 98% of airborne particles, including dust, allergens, bacteria, spores and virus-sized particles. Ideal for seasonal allergy sufferers, pet owners and those concerned about airborne mold.
    • Up to 2,000 CFM capacity cleans the air of your entire home as opposed to portable versions that are limited to room-by-room operation.
    • Integrates into your home comfort system providing quiet sound levels, continuous operation and keeps units out of sight
    • 5-year Parts Limited Warranty ensures years of dependability.

MERV 16 Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner

    • Removes airborne viruses, allergens, bacteria, mold and pollutants. Captures up to 98% of particles down to one micron.
    • HVAC system integration reduces sound levels.
    • Air filtration is continuously engaged as a part of your HVAC system for even greater results over time compared to standalone air cleaners. Consistently purifies the air between filter changes
    • 5-year Parts Limited Warranty ensures years of dependability.


Air purifiers can protect your home and your family from allergy-causing mold. These ultraviolet air treatment systems kill mold that would grow in the cool, damp interiors of your heat pump and air conditioning system. This is the same technology that has long been used by water treatment facilities, adapted by York for safe, efficient home air purifiers.


  • 8½” x 73/8″ x 2″ (W x H x D)
  • 50w 18″ UVC Lamp
  • Vectorflo Design to Deliver High Performance Kill Ratio
  • 135 μw/cm²@1 Meter UVC Lamp Intensity Rating
  • High Output Temperature Compensating (HOTC)120v / 240v Ballast
  • 24 SQFT Titanium Dioxide TiO2 Anatase Semiconductor
  • Max 2,000 CFM or 4,000 SQFT
  • QuartzCoat Lamp Life Extension Coating (18,000 Hours) 2-Year Lamp Replacement
  • Power Cord Disconnect (Appliance Coupler Design)
  • 5-Year Ballast Warranty



Heat Recovery Ventilation Units


On the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter, you want your home sealed tight for energy efficiency. But you don’t want to sacrifice the benefits of fresh air. With a York Ventilation System, you don’t have to. Whether your York Dealer recommends the Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) for warm climates or the Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) for cooler regions, you can trust these air exchangers to quietly bring in fresh, clean air from the outside and remove stale inside air, along with dust, allergens, and other particle buildup.



  • Two operating modes (intermittent and continuous ventilation)
  • Variable speed
  • Proportional defrost (patent pending)
  • ISF™ 6″ (dia.) collar system
  • 5-year limited warranty on ventilation motors
  • 5-year limited warranty on the enthalpy recovery core
  • 5-year limited warranty on all other components

Replace unhealthy indoor air with fresh outside air.
– Powerful centrifugal blower replaces stale, unhealthy air with a stream of fresh air.
– Works with your central air ductwork for whole home comfort.
– Five speeds meet specific demands.

Conserve energy with efficient heat transfer.
– Efficiently transfers energy from the exhaust air to the incoming fresh air.
– Reduces window condensation.
– Get more fresh air while running your comfort system less.
– Efficient 59 – 66 Sensible Heat recovery.

Engineered for long-term dependability.
– Reliable performance with proven heat exchange core.
– No moving parts in heat exchange core.
– Optional defrost package for cold weather.