It’s great to have air conditioning choices when the summer heat hits! When it comes to keeping cool this summer we can offer you a few cool options. If you’ve ever thought that the only way to stay cool is to have one of those noisy boxes that you set in an open window, you’ll be pleased to know that we can offer 2 far better choices:

#1 The Ducted Option

Use Existing Furnace Ducting.

Air Conditioning using your FurnaceYes, it can be done and it is that simple! Your existing heating ducts keep you warm, so why can’t they keep you cool? By connecting a York Air Conditioning unit, your existing ducts can provide air conditioning during the hot summer months. Why recreate the wheel, when you can harness the ducting system you already have to keep you cool and calm. Coastal Energy installs central heating and cooling systems in new and existing homes so we have the expertise to customize a cooling system that adapts to your home.

#2 The Ductless Option

Look Mom, No Ducts!

Air Conditioning DuctlessContrary to their name, ductless heat pumps also offer cooling options that don’t require ducting. Ductless air conditioning offers more flexibility than other systems because they allow you to heat or cool room by room instead of an entire home. Conventional home heating/cooling systems affect the temperature of your home through a series of ducts. With a ductless heat pump system you can choose to heat or cool individual zones, so that you only have to use energy to adjust the temperature in the rooms that you’re actually using, and that’s a nice option to have.