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Join the Fujitsu Heat Pump Revolution!

Effective up to -20°.

No loud noise.

No unnecessary usage.

Save Space

Fujitsu heat pump units are considerably smaller compared with the competition.

This will help free up space in your yard and give you more options when considering where to place your new heat pump.

Be a Quiet Neighbour!

Regular outdoor heat pump units run around 75 decibels – that’s as noisy as a vacuum cleaner!

With Fujitsu’s breakthrough design, noise is reduced to 53 decibels – about the same as your refrigerator.

You and your neighbours will appreciate the quieter operation of a Fujitsu heat pump, especially when it cycles off and on.

Only Use What You Need

Traditional heat pumps run at 100% capacity all the time, just longer or shorter periods, depending on the outside temperature.

Fujitsu’s new design matches capacity to the outside temperature. The warmer it is outside, the less capacity used. And lower capacity means less energy consumed and less sound generated.

Smaller Outdoor Units

Not only are Fujitsu units quieter than conventional heat pumps, they’re a lot smaller. They take up less of your yard, and give you more options where to place the units.

Traditional Heat Pump   vs.   New Fujitsu Heat Pump

Indoor Unit Options

No place for a conventional indoor heat pump unit? Fujitsu’s unique multi-position air-flow design allows you to fit the indoor unit to the space you have.