RULE UPDATE2 Ways to Win!

There have been numerous concerns from numerous entrants and those voting for them so we decided to relook at the contest’s ruling and prizing allocation. This was done for a few reasons:
  1. we wanted to level the playing field for individuals who have submitted images
  2. ensure that we have images that really do meet the main mandate of the contest: to have images of “pets in uber comfy positions”. We’ve kept the entry of images open for the most part but we are seeing an increasing number of images that are simple images of pets and seem to be missing the “comfy” element.
  3. we’re trying to increase the fairness for the majority of contestants
Having said all of this, the good news! We’re increasing the total prize package to $1250 vs $1000:
  1. Winner of the 2 stage process (Top 10 + judging panel choice) = $500
  2. Winner of Most Votes (aka “original rules”) = $250
  3. $500 donated to the SPCA

The contest’s duration remains the same and all winners will be notified the day following the contest closing.

Judging Criteria to determine $500 Winner:

  1. Uniqueness/Originality (out of 10)
  2. Appropriateness to contest theme: “comfort quality” (out of 10)
  3. Humour and/or cuteness factor (out of 10)

Each photo will be graded out of a total score of 30 and the winner announced accordingly.

A few of the last years AWESOME entries.With over 500 entires last year made for a very challenging contest!